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Legal TV Advertising: The MCM Legal Network puts TV in reach for every budget

A lot of attorneys have written off television advertising as cost-prohibitive—a game for high-profile firms with cavernous pockets. But the truth is that legal TV advertising can be very affordable and effective when packaged correctly.

Legal TV AdvertisingAt MCM we run high-ROI television advertising campaigns for large firms, but we also work with a great number of small firms who understand the value of smart placement and scheduling. The cost-per-thousand on a TV commercial is very often lower than newspaper rate card prices. Our experience, relationships and buying power make TV a consistently rewarding investment for almost any marketing budget.

Powerful reach, lower costs, high-quality leads

One of our most popular and effective TV advertising solutions is the MCM Legal Network, a highly targeted, affordable alternative to local broadcast attorney advertising.

The MCM Legal Network targets more than 85 million households nationwide, in more than 200 regional markets. By leveraging the power of volume buys and flexible scheduling, it delivers a huge audience at a fraction of the cost of cable equivalents.

Our clients have found that the MCM Legal Network is among the most affordable TV advertising buy they can make.

A full-service advertising solution

In addition to TV, online, print, outdoor and radio advertising, MCM offers a full range of attorney advertising services that make it easy for smaller firms to focus on their practice instead of on marketing. From custom creatives to intake processing to online lead management tools, our experienced legal marketing experts make it easy for firms of any size to connect with wrongfully injured people who need their help.