Legal marketing services from MCM turn your TV, or search engine marketing campaign into new revenue.

MCM has the experience and expertise to manage your law firm's TV, and radio campaigns for maximum impact at minimum expense. Capture web traffic with our innovative digital marketing.

TV attorney advertising

Television: MCM's buying power puts TV attorney advertising in reach

Television can be affordable when packaged correctly; the cost per thousand on a 15, 30 or 60 second commercial is often lower than newspaper rate card prices. MCM Services Group's experience, relationships and buying power can make TV advertising a cost-effective and rewarding investment for almost any marketing budget.

Let MCM's legal marketing experts craft a custom TV schedule that leverages the power of cable, broadcast and syndication to turn viewers into leads.

MCM Legal Network

The MCM Legal Network is a highly targeted, affordable alternative to local broadcast television. With viewers in more than 85 million households nationwide, in 210 of the top regional markets, it delivers a huge TV audience at a fraction of the cost of cable equivalents.

It's the lowest-cost and most efficient targeted media buy an advertiser can make.

Attorney SEO

Digital Marketing: High-value, low-cost leads are yours with MCM's law firm web design and custom web solutions

For a lawyer, internet marketing is essential; no legal marketing strategy is complete without a well-managed digital component. MCM makes digital easy for any budget. Whether it's search engine optimization (SEO), a full-featured firm website, sophisticated social marketing, pay-per-click advertising or custom video content, MCM's digital marketing team can turn a modest investment into high-value leads.

Start fresh, or revitalize your existing site

Establish a powerful web presence and build your brand with a high-quality, full-featured firm website from MCM. Your site will feature a custom toll-free phone number answered by our 24/7 legal intake specialists, and easy-to-use web forms that integrate with our lead management tools. We'll boost your visibility with expert SEO, and keep visitors coming with search engine marketing (SEM), social media management, blog creation and more. Take advantage of MCM's ten years of experience in quality web design for law firms

We can add top-quality custom video to educate your visitors, keep them engaged, and leverage the increasingly powerful search value of web video.

Or get more value from your existing website with our expert SEO, SEM, social media management and site analytics. We offer a full range of a la carte services as well as affordable site management packages.

Blow past the competition with a single-topic microsite

When a litigation topic makes the news, you can get in fast and at low cost with one of our custom-branded single-topic microsites. They're an easy and affordable way to generate quality leads, and they're available for six month leases at low monthly rates.

Our digital marketing team drives traffic with powerful search strategies, converts visitors into leads with engaging design and clear calls to action, and then delivers those leads to your inbox in real time. We'll customize your microsite with your firm's name and a link to your website, and make sure that your state's bar rules are followed in the site's disclaimers and identifying information.

Radio advertising from MCM

Radio: MCM reaches your audience where it lives

Radio advertising ranks second only to television when it comes to reaching the widest possible audience. And unlike other media, radio ads reach people at home, work and in the car.

Radio reaches 92% of the U.S. population ages 12 and up, and the average American listens to nearly 20 hours every week. Radio listening is fairly consistent across genders for people ages 18 to 64. And, unlike other media, radio ads reach people at home, work and in the car.

MCM taps a nationwide network of radio stations reaching nearly every market in the U.S. Our creative department and production team can help design and develop a customized commercial, or you can use one of our stock ads—usually at no extra charge.

Ad creatives from MCM Services Group

Creative Services: MCM's creative team delivers quality leads to your door

MCM brings creative muscle to your TV commercials, websites, videos, radio ads and out-of-home media. Our work is done in-house by a seasoned team of designers, writers and editors, so you get first-rate quality, attention to detail and fast turnaround.

When you work with MCM, our creative professionals handle everything, from concept, copywriting and design through execution.

Browse our portfolios for examples of our cost-effective ad creatives.

See samples of MCM's quality marketing creatives