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Risk vs. Reward: The mass tort advertising cycle

The key to a profitable mass tort practice, and to reaching the injured people who need legal help, is to balance risk and reward. Firms that understand the mass tort advertising cycle are able to take advantage of the rewards unique to each stage in the cycle while maintaining a comfortable level of risk.

If your firm is willing to get in early, stare down some risk and take the long view, you can realize huge returns. But significant rewards can also come to those who make their move late in the cycle, when risk and reward are low. It’s all about balance.

There are three stages to the mass tort advertising cycle, and here’s how they play out:


Long before many firms are ready to commit ad dollars, the most aggressive attorneys have identified a promising new topic and have hit the market hard and heavy. They’re armed with investigations into a drug or device that show potential links to serious injuries and side effects. They’ve also administered the smell test: is the drug or device covered by a preemption ruling? And does it pass the Daubert standard?

  • The Reward: These firms receive a high volume of leads and usually get the highest number of high-value cases. Typically the firm with the highest high volume of cases has an interest in the case, and possibly a position on the MDL, which can yield a massive additional attorney fee at the end of the case.
  • The Risk: This early in the game, litigation is not established and the case is not a guarantee. And your firm’s money can be tied up for a while before cases are resolved — typically five to six years.


Once a litigation topic has shown itself to have legs, many firms decide it’s time to put skin in the game. They’ve watched the progression of the litigation and want to generate an inventory of their own cases.

  • The Reward: The best cases are still relatively easy to find. There is now more public awareness of the topic, making it easier for firms to generate a high volume of leads. The litigation has progressed to the point where it’s much easier to identify and qualify high-value cases.
  • The Risk: Competition for cases is high and so is cost-per-lead. In some cases the statute of limitations is an issue, so finding cases quickly is important.


Firms that wait until Stage 3 to get in bear the lowest risk in terms of litigation costs. At this point, settlements or verdicts have usually begun coming in.

  • The Reward: It’s easy to qualify leads and measure the value of a case. Since cases will most likely be settled quickly, the firm’s money won’t be tied up for long. Litigation costs are relatively low.
  • The Risk: Leads can only be had at a premium price, and the lower-hanging fruit has been picked. Top-dollar cases are most likely gone. Medical records can be hard to recover, and you have to keep a close eye on the statute of limitations.

Attorneys who want to succeed in mass torts need to understand the advertising cycle and their own tolerance for risk. But the most successful firms know that where there is risk, there is reward.

The MCM Services Group Attorney Marketing Blog

Website grade: Is your website cutting it?

Your firm’s website looks great, but is it working as hard as it could? Here’s a checklist of basic elements your site needs if your firm is going to be competitive online:

  • A Blog: A well-written blog that you feed regularly with quality content will generate traffic to your website. It’s a low cost, long-term opportunity to build your firm’s brand. A quality blog can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool.
  • Social Media Integration: The goal of most marketing efforts is a direct increase in leads and customers. Your competitors are accomplishing these real-time results using social media marketing on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. According to a survey by Social Media Examiner, a full 61% of American marketers report success in lead generation through social media marketing.
  • Lead Generation Tools: Lead-generating landing pages (web pages focused on a single objective, with a strong call–to-action and a phone number or form to gather contact information) are a great method to engage with injured people 24/7. Whether visitors land on your site via Google search or social media, you’ve created an opportunity to sell.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO is the science of making it easy for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find your site–and rank it higher than your competitors’. Have you Googled recently to find something online or research a product? You’re not the only one! According to the independent market research company Ipsos, 61% of global Internet users research products online. Google sites led the search market with 65% of search queries. Optimize your website to harness online traffic that belongs to you.
  • Mobile Marketing: The use of web-enabled mobile devices is rising exponentially. Optimizing your website for mobile devices is now the rule–not the exception.
  • Analytics: Collecting information about your visitors’ location and onsite behavior will increase the effectiveness of your online marketing. Knowing how individual pages perform allows you to stay one step ahead of your competition. By using a tool like Google Analytics you can tweak underperforming pages, or duplicate your most effective efforts to collect more leads.

Find out your website grade. Contact us at for free, no-obligation website analysis.

The MCM Services Group Attorney Marketing Blog

Legal TV Advertising: The MCM Legal Network puts TV in reach for every budget

A lot of attorneys have written off television advertising as cost-prohibitive—a game for high-profile firms with cavernous pockets. But the truth is that legal TV advertising can be very affordable and effective when packaged correctly.

Legal TV AdvertisingAt MCM we run high-ROI television advertising campaigns for large firms, but we also work with a great number of small firms who understand the value of smart placement and scheduling. The cost-per-thousand on a TV commercial is very often lower than newspaper rate card prices. Our experience, relationships and buying power make TV a consistently rewarding investment for almost any marketing budget.

Powerful reach, lower costs, high-quality leads

One of our most popular and effective TV advertising solutions is the MCM Legal Network, a highly targeted, affordable alternative to local broadcast attorney advertising.

The MCM Legal Network targets more than 85 million households nationwide, in more than 200 regional markets. By leveraging the power of volume buys and flexible scheduling, it delivers a huge audience at a fraction of the cost of cable equivalents.

Our clients have found that the MCM Legal Network is among the most affordable TV advertising buy they can make.

A full-service advertising solution

In addition to TV, online, print, outdoor and radio advertising, MCM offers a full range of attorney advertising services that make it easy for smaller firms to focus on their practice instead of on marketing. From custom creatives to intake processing to online lead management tools, our experienced legal marketing experts make it easy for firms of any size to connect with wrongfully injured people who need their help.

The MCM Services Group Attorney Marketing Blog

Attorney Resources: Interested in building a mass tort practice?

Attorney ResourcesBuilding a new mass tort practice isn’t as difficult or expensive an undertaking as you might think. The mass tort marketing experts at MCM Services Group would be happy to talk to you about the mass tort market and opportunities available to new firms.

For concise information about litigation topics commonly encountered by mass tort firms, you can visit our Attorney Resources page. For more in-depth background on defective devices, dangerous drugs and toxic substances, bookmark our select list of online resources:

The MCM Services Group Attorney Marketing Blog

MCM in 2013: Transformation and Growth for the Gold Standard in Lead Generation

Legal marketing has been MCM Services Group’s specialty since 1999. Our knowledgeable, experienced legal marketing consultants have made MCM the gold standard in lead generation.Legal Marketing Consultants

New ownership and a sharper focus on building case revenue for our clients have made 2013 an exciting and transformative year for MCM.

Since January we’ve added expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, legal services, digital advertising and out-of-home media to our marketing services team. At the same time we’ve created more depth in our media buying, digital marketing, lead engagement and Spanish language capabilities.

New growth, new facilities

All this growth has required a change of venue, and after fourteen years in Burnsville, Minnesota we’ve moved to a larger, scalable location in nearby Eagan, Minnesota. Visitors will find us just a few minutes’ drive from the airport and convenient to the downtown amenities of both Minneapolis and St. Paul.

MCM’s legal marketing puts quality leads in your hands

MCM Services Group has extensive experience in generating high-quality leads for some of America’s most successful law firms. Contact us now, toll-free, at 1 (888) 507-6262.